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Current Projects

EMDR on Maternity Wards

Recent research in Europe indicates providing EMDR therapy to families in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic birth (within the first week) can be protective against parents developing severe symptoms of PTSD, increase emotional resilience and support postpartum bonding.


At Butterfly Hugs for Mums we believe new families being able to access timely support and that this could be an approach that is adopted in the UK. We are currently reaching out to maternity wards and birth centres to pilot the recent traumatic episode EMDR Protocol (EMDR R-TEP) with families immediately after a traumatic birth to assess if this is a helpful approach.


We would love to hear from maternity teams that would be interested in taking part in our pilot or working in partnership. Please contact us for an initial discussion.



If you would like more information, the please get in touch
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