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Group EMDR Sessions

We kindly ask group participants for a donation via our crowdfunding page, if they are able, to fund future groups and for us to help more families.

Suggested donation: £50 (or an amount that is affordable) via our crowdfunding page.

Individual and Family EMDR Sessions

We are currently able to offer a small number of individual and family sessions in central London for a fee. We also accept referrals that are covered by private health insurance.

In relation to the number of sessions you may need, Butterfly Hugs for Mums follows guidance from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for treatment provision. However, in some cases you may need more/fewer sessions depending on your individual needs. NICE guidance states that ‘all PTSD sufferers should be offered a course of trauma-focused psychological treatment (trauma-focused cognitive–behavioural therapy or eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing; EMDR)’. They further suggest that ‘trauma-focused psychological treatment should normally be 8–12 sessions when the PTSD results from a single event…Healthcare professionals should consider extending the duration of treatment beyond 12 sessions if several problems need to be addressed in the treatment of PTSD sufferers, particularly after multiple traumatic events, traumatic bereavement or where chronic disability resulting from the trauma, significant comorbid disorders or social problems are present.’ (NICE guidelines, CG26 pp 72).

If you are interested in attending a group or would like more information, the please get in touch >>
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